Dairy Plant

Dairy Plant

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Dairy Plant, Ice Cream Plant, Dairy Valves, Flavored Milk Plant and Mini Dairy Processing Plant.

Dairy Plant

Our maufactured dairy plants are fully automated, of industrial standards materials and equipped with the best technology.
Our manufactured plant churns out from 5000 litres upto 1,000,000 litres of milk per day, and can we customized for output capacity upto 10 MT of butter, 25 MT of ghee and 10 MT of dahi (yoghurt) and 65 MT of milk powder, pasteurized milk.

Additional Information:

Item Code: DP01


Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic, Automatic

Application : Milk

Capacity : 2500 litres/hr, 2000 litres/hr, 1000 litres/hr, 1500 litres/hr, 500 litres/hr

Ice Cream Plant

Quality is always the prime essence in all our operations at Martik Pharma And Chemical Industries LLP. The company has skilled and dedicated manpower and lays accent on quality control and strict deadlines.
We manufacture, commission and offer the installation of Ice Cream Plants and they can produce cream line capacity from 100 liters/shift to 1000 liters/shift. In order to meet the diverse demands of our customers, we offer Ice Cream Machine in different specifications.

Additional Information:

Capacity : 10000L

Machine Body Material : ss-304

Design Type : Customized

Characteristics of Ice Cream Machine:

Stainless Steel Mixing Vats


Icecream Pasturiser (HTSU / Batch Type)

Plate Claiiiers

Stainless Steel Aging Vats

Continuous freezer

Fruit feeder

Ripple pump

Candy/ Loily Plant

Cup/cone illing machine

Coid roorn / I-iardening room

Stainless Steel Hardening Cabinet

Dairy Valves

Dairy processing Valves. Part of dairy processing plant.

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Operation : Pneumatic Operated and Manual Operated Valve.

Material : SS- 304, SS- 316.

Size : 1/2' to 8'
Type- Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Divert Valve, Shut off Valve, Plug Valve.

Flavored Milk Plant

We supply Flavored Milk Plant on turn key basis. The method of production of flavored milk involves standardizing the milk to the desired fat and SNF percent (generally 2% fat and 9.5% SNF). It is then heated,
homogenized and clarified. The desired amount of cocoa powder at the rate of 1.5%, sugar at 7 to 9% and stabilizer (at the prescribed level) are added to the warm milk for the preparation of chocolate milk. In the case of fruit flavored milk, instead of cocoa powder, 0.04% of fruit flavors and colours are added to milk. Milk is pasteurized, cooled, bottled and kept under refrigeration. Popular flavors for flavoured milk are strawberry, orange, lemon, pineapple, banana, vanilla, etc.

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Item Code: DP01

Mini Dairy Processing Plant

We manufacture the Mini Dairy Plants for various small scale sectors and in numerous capacities ranging from 500 Ltrs/day to 2000 Ltrs/day. Using a small fraction of investment such a plant has great features like no foundation required, largely pre-fabricated module, low processing cost, man power saving, mobile transport availability and less investment as well.

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Item Code: DP02